About Us

Nihan Onat Petree is the founder and chief creative designer of N’Onat.

Before founding N’Onat, Nihan worked for 25 years as an Istanbul-based designer, stylist and creative director for global fashion brands.

In recent years, she focused on designing leather and fur garments, gaining a deep knowledge of the global fur industry.

Through her work, she became acutely aware of ethically based resistance to the use of real fur, led by organizations such as PETA.

Moving to New York in 2014, she saw the opportunity to launch her own cruelty-free brand, applying her talents to a new generation of ‘faux’ furs that are creative, fun and elegant at the same time.

As Nihan says, “Making fashion is not only about creating a chic, trendy ‘look’ but also should convey what you care about.”

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"


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