Nihan Onat Petree was for many years the Istanbul-based creative director, fashion designer and stylist for several famous global brands. Since coming to New York in 2014, she has committed herself to compassionate and socially responsible fashion. The N’ONAT Atelier’s motto is “Purchase with purpose.”

N’ONAT Mar revels in the bright sun and sparkling waters of the Turkish seaside. It’s beachwear collection centers on vibrant, eye-catching kaftans, kimonos and tunics and a stylish line of hand crocheted bags and slippers. The collection serves every part of your day: from home to the beach to an evening out. The soft touch of these fine fabrics will caress you, wherever you are. Inspired by the Mediterranean tradition of the ‘evil eye’ that wards off bad luck and negative influences, each item is adorned with an ‘evil eye’ amulet. A portion of N’ONAT Mar’s revenues is donated to UNICEF, for the wellbeing of children in need everywhere.

N’ONAT Outerwear was launched in 2019 with a vegan, cruelty-free outerwear collection that took faux fur to a new level by combining fun, sophisticated and timeless designs with fur almost indistinguishable, in look and feel, from the real thing. N’ONAT rejects any form of animal cruelty and donates a portion of its outerwear revenues to animal rights organizations. N’Onat is an approved Business Partner of PETA.

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