Nonat: the brand where women's labor is at the forefront

In 2019, Nihan Onat Petree dedicated herself to compassionate and socially responsible fashion. Her personal and professional commitment led directly to the founding of the N’ONAT brand, and is expressed in the brand’s motto:
“Purchase with purpose.”

Women today understand the fragility of the environment and the need to live sustainably. To protect the world our children will inherit, our way of living –including the choices we make as consumers– must change. N’ONAT customers express that consciousness in their fashion, home furnishing and other choices.

N’ONAT’s guilt-free vegan outerwear (in which even the zippers are made from recycled plastic) is at once luxurious and eco-friendly. The cottons used in other garments are organic. N’ONAT also helps to preserve the meticulous craftsmanship of Old World ateliers in Nihan’s native Istanbul. These artisans’ skills are reflected in N’ONAT’s hand embroidered kimonos and kaftans, hand loomed ikat silk table runners and pillow cases, and hand woven bags and slippers.

N’ONAT’s commitment to compassionate, socially responsible fashion and sustainable lifestyles is reflected in its pledge to donate a portion of its revenues to PETA and UNICEF.

Nonat atelier handmade women clothing

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