When it comes to fashion and fur, N’ONAT is making cruelty-free fur the most desirable option, by far. Catering to consumers looking to purchase guilt-free luxury coats and jackets, the distinctive, high-quality fabrics used by the brand are setting the bar high in terms of faux fur, making it almost indistinguishable in both aesthetics and texture to its real counterparts.

From stitch to sale, the mission behind N’ONAT is to enable their customers to dress fashionably all while making cruelty-free choices, and the best part? The brand donates a portion of their annual revenues to various animal rights organizations.

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N’Onat Fall 2019

N’Onat is one to watch, bringing her new line of faux fur outerwear to a new level, and available now in the US. She artfully combines distinctive designs with high-quality fabrics, pelage that is almost indistinguishable in look and feel from real fur and the meticulous craftsmanship of “old world” ateliers. The results are coats and jackets that offer guilt-free luxury and elegance at exceptional price-points — very wearable and attainable at under $600!

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